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It is never too late 
to learn 

A power packed 45 mins module to break the ice and give a 360° view of stock investing essentials


  • Master medium term trade

  • 3 Pillar for Success: Knowledge, Research & Discipline

  • Easy to use reference sheet

  • Freely available resources to check Fundamental, Technical, News, Screeners etc.

Trade Like You Date!

5:00 PM - 5:45 PM

14th February, 2022

I agree to be reached out over WhatsApp for session details

A power packed 3 day module which introduces you to the world of stock investing with a balance mix of conceptual and hands-on learning

  • DAY 1 (2 hours) 

    • Stock selection principles

    • Company fundamentals

    • Intro to charts & trendlines

    • Basic technical patterns

  • DAY 2 (2 hours)

    • Advanced technical analysis

    • Key technical parameters (RSI, VWAP, EMA etc.)

    • Entry & Exit strategies

    • Investor mindset & newbee checklist

  • DAY 3 (1 hour)

    • Live trading session - Trading platforms, trade setup, profit booking, stop loss, rebalancing ​


5 hours (2 class rooms and 1 live trading session)

18-20th March, 2022

Early bird discount on original price of ₹2,999. Inclusive of 18% GST. 

An exclusive group of experts and investors for live insights, thesis and knowledge sharing

Liquide Telegram

  • Opening bell with daily 'Stock to watch-out'

  • Market news summaries

  • Expert commentary on stocks

  • Liquide portfolio updates

Complementary 1 year membership with MasterClass



 ₹1,188 charged for 12 months subscription. Inclusive of 18% GST. 

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